So I am finally getting around to blogging! Yahoo! No promises on how riveting or regular it will be because everything is censored by the Peace Corps and if I want to write well it will need to be honest. Enough said.

So here’s the run down. I left my training village about a week ago and moved to my permanent site.. THE beach. Yes, I live across the street from the Black Sea and the backdrop to my village is also very rain forest esq. The city is just 50 cents and a 15 minute ride away. Things couldn’t look better for the summer. Who knew all this in Georgia?

Hmm, I’ve finished all my training and I now get to sit pretty on the beach for the remainder of the summer, minus the 1 week summer camp I’ve got to arrange and run.. easy! Oh and practicing this pesky language!

My new host family is absolutely wonderful. The make up: grandmother, father, mother, 15 year old brother, 13 year old sister; Margo, Nodari, Meri, Aleko, Eliso. They are kind and friendly and caring, if a little overbearing at times, but I’m working on them. The food is tasty and I eat fruit DAILY. This is no small thing, I ate maybe 5 pieces of fruit the entire first two months in country. My body was whining for it. My hosts run a sort of guest house each summer for random families to stay at the beach side and whatnot. It’s a minor annoyance but my family has also allowed a gang of my friends to stay over on the weekends so I figure its just a trade off.

So this post is pretty lame, I think I’m done fore now. Visit my facebook for photos, it’s much more efficient if I post them there.